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Project Status
This project is abandoned. MVC4 is on the way.
Also, S#arp Architecture or S#arp Lite are probably better starting points for your project.

Project Description
A copy of Rob Conery's MVC 2 starter kit but with MVC3, Unity, NuGet, EFCodeFirst, and MVC scaffolding.

Rob Conery's great original project is at: I also recommend watching his screencast at that page.
  1. IoC setup and ready to go (Unity Ninject)
  2. Logging in place (Nlog)
  3. MVC scaffolding CodeTemplate overrides for safety by default - see Documentation
  4. Data access with EF and EFCodeFirst - if you would like Linq to SQL, Mongo etc, then it should be easy to download and add them from Rob's project
  5. CSS theme from - should be easy to drop in any of their designs
  6. Reporting interface prepared for you and ready to go
  7. BDD test engine setup - SpecFlow with WatiN. Thanks to Steve Sanderson's blog
  8. Everything installed from Nuget packages. However, in order to keep the Source Code download small, the nuget packages are NOT included in the Source. See below.

Download Instructions
  1. Click Source Code and then look for the Download link on the right (under "Latest Version")
  2. Now you need to (automatically) download the nuget packages for the solution
    1. Unzip the source code.
    2. Open a command prompt in the solution folder
    3. In the command prompt, type: Tools\nuget.exe i .\Web\packages.config -o packages
    4. and then: Tools\nuget.exe i .\Spec\packages.config -o packages
You should see:
C:\Users\matt\Desktop\mvc3starter_bef6c04346a5>Tools\nuget.exe i .\Web\packages.config -o packages
Successfully installed 'EntityFramework 4.1.10331.0'.
Successfully installed 'Modernizr 1.7'.
Successfully installed 'CommonServiceLocator 1.0'.
Successfully installed 'NLog'.
Successfully installed 'T4Scaffolding 1.0.1'.
Successfully installed 'MvcScaffolding 1.0.0'.
Successfully installed 'jQuery.UI.Combined 1.8.13'.
Successfully installed 'jQuery.vsdoc 1.6'.
Successfully installed 'jQuery 1.6.1'.
Successfully installed 'Ninject'.


Open the solution, press F5, and you should see:

To run the BDD tests (optional)
  1. Open the solution in Visual Studio, compile it.
  2. Open NUnit, choose File -> Open Project, and choose Spec\bin\Debug\Spec.dll
  3. Click NUnit big Run button, and you should see:

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